Thursday, February 5, 2009

Investor opportunities in Costa Mesa

I recently featured a property that just sold in Costa Mesa below rental parity. To see this information please visit the page dedicated to this property on my website at .

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Mattman said...

Hey, Shevy - I find these analyses quite informative. I realize this particular property is probably off the market, but you do analyses like this for other properties that are on the market. I want to make a comment about all of these types of analyses.

I think the RentVsOwnulator calculations you provide seem to be really geared towards a owner occupied property and show great savings owners can achieve. You mentioned this kind of a property would be great for an investor. However, if you adjust some of the numbers for an investor, I'm not so sure it's cashflow positive anymore. eg. Investors won't get a 25% tax break on interest paid into an investment property. Have you considered doing a similar analysis for investors? I think that may catch the attention of a few people.